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12/16/12 Tokyo Dome popcorn tour report


-during MC aibachan was left in center stage, did monomane(mimicking another celebrity) like he did in himiara.  and the rest of them went to main stage. four of them sang friendship with red, big gloves! in the middle there was message from each member. The four came out in china dress, member color (only J was dressed as a chef). they moved on moving stage, had  birthday cake.

-aibachan teared up during the messages.

-during friendship, on the monitor was childhood photos of aibachan and photos of members

-message was shot yesterday

-shochan kept on opening his legs, tried showing off his legs, and to show inside his dress.

-J had chinese cooking pot with him. the setting was chinese food restaurant

A: waiters don’t dress like this, and my dad doesn’t dress like that too! my parents aren’t

-he got DVD, cover was gyoza(dumplings) man instead of popcorn man lol

-they took photo, aibachan didnt have his camera so J took out his iphone, camera man took it for them. his iphone cover was red


N: Aibashi. Happy birthday. we’ve been  together for more than 15 years. YEA, how’s that. are’nt you happy? so yes we’ve been together for more than half our lives. Because I don’t have much friends, you are precious to me. important to me. 

O:Aibachan happy birthday. i think nothing won’t really change but. we’ve got close after we debuted ne. let’s celebrate at ginza sometime soon.

S: aibakun, happy birthday. the first time we exchanged numbers was after we came arashi. more than 10 years we’ve been able to get along. let’s stay like this for the future too.

J: Aibakun, happy birthday. Ever  since we entered as Jrs, we’ve spent half of our lives together. You used to be a shy person,but now, because of you, arashi can spend a time where there is  always laughter and a fun time.Lets spend the same time in the future too —>aibachan took his tears off his face after hearing that.

Posted on 16 December

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