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12/16/12 Tokyo Dome Report 2 Popcorn


S: its the 4th day of Tokyo Dome, you seem like you’re having ao much fun aibasan.

A: todays so hot too!

S: you’re so sweaty! doesn’t seem like it’s december. how’s the 4th dday aibasan?

A: aibasan’s having fun. Everyone’s having fun too right?

S: oh yea, i realized yesterday but theres so much fans that say “do laura(ro-ra)”

S: i wondered who it was, and it seems like it started in share house..

N: I’ll apologize about that, sorry.

S: my hard disk is too full so i don’t know, has everyone seen his imitation of ro-la?

(about half raise their hands)

S: you guys are good at going with the flow!

M: i’ve never done it before and all of a sudden they wave that at me and i was lost

O: i kinda did it!

N: so nice!

N: that time he did kinpachi, dog, inoki, ro-la and..n?

(people start calling out)

S: together-!


N: what? sorry sounded kinda wrong. i was there but i can’t remember!

M: people were doing that index finger imitation

N:aaa right IKKO! alright then. lets do them in order, here(center stage)

MNOS leaves aibachan behind

N: start from dog

A: ruff ruff uuuu

N: inoki next

A: 1,2,3, daaaa

N: IKKO san

A:dondakeee maboroshii ogotooo

S: so detailed

N: next is kinpachi

A: nandesukaa(creepy one he did at last mission)

M: what is this

S: ew

N: and now, the one we waited for! ro-la!

A: wahhh kyou tanoshi!, te omotta—-(wahhh todays fun, is what i thoughtt)

M:…please, never do this again

when aibachan finished, he tried going to where the members are

M: hey, hey aibasan stay there a little bit

A: eh?

M: its an age where its like a turning point, and we’ve done “satoshi’s kioku” and sho-kuns TABOO. so we have one for aibasan too! its a little early, but doing this in january is a little gross so.we won’t celebrate on the 24th though!

A: okay, i’ll think its the 24th and get celebrated!

N: its the turning point!

A: yay!

N:wait there a little

S: so what do you think ro-la?

A:…haven’t imagined it and i’m surprised, tte omotta(is what i thought)

N: why would you put te omotta there!

M: alright, please listen, “friendship”

continues to first post.

Posted on 16 December

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