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1/13/13 Popcorn Nagoya Dome Report 2

- When they left at the end, nino tapped aibasan’s shoulder. touched his hair

-Nino joined opening for shokun’s solo. jr’s throw this glowing toy at audience. Nino was doing it at mainstage, but everyone was looking at backstage so no one noticed.

-during MC, talk about Leader’s choreography.

S: Satoshikun and matsujun, seemed to be planning together a lot. What did you guys talk about?

M: about like Cosmos, I wanted to split in Upper part and Bottom part(where to dance) and dance full chorus. But he was like “were gonna do that much?”

S: Satoshikun had a hard time cause thats double the work right?

O: yea it was hard. I was like wouldn’t people get tired of it?

-when nino had twisted towel around his head, his bangs got crushed and became weird.Junkun said “excuse me” and fixed it for him.

-When they were thanking fans,

M:To everyone who came today!

S:And to everyone who came to our tour,and to people who couldn’t make

-AIbasan called leader “satoshi”

-A: cause its our last one I tend to tense up. I forget my dance one by one

M: we might do it again so please don’t forget

N: how many times do you need to look at the video of troublemaker

-MAO: let’s go to New York again!

N: hey please stop this system of three people.

-SA calls themselves as “medical combi”

-About the glowing thing thrown out during shokun’s solo

S: I bought this when I went to Vietnam. Have anyone went to Vietnam? They sell these there right? And also at Turkey. SInce then I’ve been wanting to use it at concerts. I finally was able to

-during kito daijyobu, shokun chases aibachan’s ass

-no mistake in nino solo’s lyrics

Posted on 13 January

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